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Hand Sanitizer Stand

Hand Sanitizer Stand

These days, hand sanitizer stations are everywhere.  If your company or orgainzation needs one (or more). Take a look at these.


    Made form cabinet grade Baltic Birch Plywood and painted with interior grade semi-gloss paint.  

    This item is 5" wide (vertically) and 44 " tall (the base, obviously, is larger).  They are made to hold specific size bottles so, if interested, you will need to send me the specification for the bottles you use.

    Choice of color is up to you.

  • Refund & Return Policy

    If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, I will endeavor to fix the problem or refund your cost in full.

  • Bulk purchases

    If you require more than 1, the cost will be $80.00/piece for 2-5 and $70/piece for 6+.

  • Shipping

    I could ship it to you but I would imagine the cost would be more than the item itself. If you are local (02072). I would be happy to deliver them within 25 miles of my home.

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